Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Who I Am

I guess I should begin my new/first blog by explaining a little about who I am.  Although I won't be revealing my name on this blog, for reasons that will become obvious, I will mention, straight away, that I am a 30 something male.  These scant detals are all I feel comfortable in revealing about myself, at least for the time being.

Until fairly recently I was a self described evangelical Christian (of the born again variety...you know, a "real" Christian :)).  Today, I am a non-believer, but still very much living in the (atheist) closet.  I've started this blog, essentially, as a place to tell my story and express my newfound, constantly evolving, belief system.  My goal, in doing so, is not to gain a "following" on the internet.  Instead, I am simply trying to retain my sanity, at root, by getting some of these thoughts and feelings out of my system.

Why have I decided to stay anonymous?  Well, the answer is pretty straightforward, albeit embarrassing. 

I still work for a Christian organization. 

As of yet, I have not been able to figure my way out of this, admitedly awkward, personal situation.  Perhaps you have heard of philosopher Daniel Dennett's research on pastor's (still pastoring) who have lost their faith.  Well, I am not a pastor, but, I can relate.  I too have invested all of my time and energy into building a (successful) "Christian" career...never dreaming, of course, that I would completely lose my Christian faith someday.

Anyway, that's who I am, and why I've started this blog.  More to come, I'm sure.  I don't know what is to come, frankly, and I don't even know how often something will come (I have no master plan)...but as I feel the need to write, I will write, and let's see what becomes of the "Respectful Atheist". 

I'm still getting used to that moniker.


PS--This will not be a blog about my finding a new career path btw...but I felt it best to start out on this (brutally honest) note.  My hope is to write on religion, namely Christianity, how I came to reject it (and subsequently embrace atheism).

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